The Endurance Running Team was founded in 1980 by former Olympic Bronze Medal winner James Krist, who wanted to create a platform in which amateurs and young people could receive affordable professional coaching in endurance running.

Since then the team has slowly become established as one of the top teams in amateur running. Our members frequently win rosettes at amateur running events around Britain and many of our junior members grow up to be career athletes.

We pride ourselves on being a totally inclusive running club. We welcome runners of all skill levels, genders, races and sexual orientations. Anyone who is prepared to run with us and respect other members can take part.

The endurance running team gratefully acknowledges the support of its sponsors: the British Heart Foundation who fund the cardiac screening for our elder members, and Discovery Learning Personal Trainer Certificates who provide discounts to the qualifying fees of local people who want to become personal trainers in return for them volunteering to work with us for a certain amount of time afterwards.

What is endurance running?

Endurance running is when a person undergoes a running exercise with an emphasis on stamina and cardiovascular endurance, not on speed and not so much on technique (though technique is still involved).

The object of endurance running is to improve your body’s ability to withstand prolonged physical exertion by conditioning your muscles and organs. It is more difficult than sprinting, which is about speed and is over in a short time. The rigorous nature of endurance running also makes it very good for burning calories and losing weight.